Superyacht Honours



There is so much good going on within the superyacht industry. 

From philanthropic ventures and intrepid exploration to unrivalled craftsmanship and sustainable innovations making this world a better place. Unfortunately, these stories are regularly overlooked.


That's why the Superyacht Life Honors Ceremony recognizes the inspirational stories that make the superyachting world exceptional.



Recognising people.

Not yachts.

Don't get us wrong; yachts are certainly worthy of recognition. We just believe that they have enough awards already. So, rather than giving out more awards, our event borrows from the widespread practice of honours, titles and knighthoods. We’re recognising people for what they've done – not who has the best yacht. 

Our honorees? Anyone from a scientist doing groundbreaking research on board a superyacht, to a deckhand who goes above and beyond. A yacht owner who has used their yacht for good causes, or a submarine pilot who has helped guests achieve their dreams and fight their fears. Anything goes, as long as it demonstrates the exceptional world of superyachting.



The inspirational people making superyachting exceptional.

It's time to recognise the efforts and contributions of the people who make the superyachting good life so good. Over the years, we have spoken with some astonishingly inspirational people. From superyacht owners, builders and designers to scientists, engineers and crew members. We shared their stories and now we want to share our thanks.

Do you know of someone deserving of a Superyacht Life Honor?
Let us know. We'd love to chat with them.


The event will take place in September on the opening day of

the Monaco Yacht Show.

We look forward to holding the inaugural event soon where we will bestow one deserving recipient with a Superyacht Life Honor. 



There is much more to the superyacht industry than meets the eye.

The Superyacht Life Foundation works to correct misconceptions and share the positive aspects of the superyacht community to a wider audience, championing the positive people, places and projects surrounding the superyachting good life.

As a non-profit foundation, we use our non-partisan status to educate and inform, opening up the world of superyachts to new audiences.



Following the event, a press pack will be made available to download for the media, including a release, photos and quotes.


Please check back here following the event to download.