Nomination form

Who can nominate?

  • Everyone is welcome to join the nomination process.

Who can be nominated?

  • The nominee should have achieved concrete results that have a tangible link to the superyacht industry during the last 5 years. 

  • The nominee has had influenced the superyacht industry. The influence can be made by the contribution to diversity and inclusion, sustainability, new technologies, scientific researches, philanthropic ventures and so on. For instance, anyone from a scientist doing ground-breaking research on board a superyacht, to a deckhand who goes above and beyond. A yacht owner who has used their yacht for good causes. Anything goes, as long as it demonstrates the exceptional world of superyachting.

  • The focus should be on the impact, novelty, creativity of the nominees and willingness to create a difference within the superyacht industry.

    ​Note: For the first year, both the jury and the Superyacht Life team may push within their own network for nominees as well.

How to nominate?

  • All nominations are to be made on the Superyacht Honours Event website under the nomination section. The completion of the online form indicates an intention to nominate.

  • The questions in the nomination form should be answered during the nomination process to explicitly explain the importance of the accomplishments relevant to the award. 

  • The contact details of the nominees should be shared in the form for us to reach them if they are selected as honourees. 

Designation of nominees

Voting on all nominees shall be restricted to a judging board.

The judging board will consist of Superyacht Life board members and designated judges that includes at least one judge from each sector within the superyacht industry.

The nomination list shall be voted between April-May 2022. A list of nominations won’t be made public and publicised to support the idea of there is no losers but only winners. 

The judging process will be planned as a video call with the presence of all board members and other designated judges.

Honourees will be recognised during the Superyacht Honours Event according to the decision that has been made by the jury.